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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Concrete Extruding

At Capstone, we have the equipment to complete a variety of concrete extruding specifications whether it is a jersey barrier, up to a 2m wide sidewalk, curb and gutter, rolled curb and gutter or something more custom. A special machine called the 5700 Super B and the 150 extruder produced by Power Curber allows us to do any type of concrete extruding required.

DJI_0081 copy.JPG

Concrete Floors

Using top rated equipment and the newest technology allows Capstone to achieve our high-quality standard. Our concrete flooring experience includes both slab on grade and structural floors. Slab on grade is when the concrete slab is poured directly on the ground. Structural concrete is steel reinforced horizontal slabs that serve as floors and ceilings in a modern building. Capstone has invested in specific equipment, a Somero Power Rake and a Somero S840, to produce some of the best FF and FL numbers possible.


FF = Floor Flatness - This measures the surface bumpiness of a finished floor. The higher the FF number, the flatter the floor.


FL = Floor Levelness - This measures the difference in any slope or plane of the floor's surface. The higher the FL number, the more level the floor.


Coring, Cutting, and Scanning

Coring and Cutting are two innovative ways to alter an existing concrete structure. If scanning is required we have the equipment to get the job done.


Capstone's accuracy begins at the excavation portion of the project. We use top rated equipment, which allows us to excavate almost anything you need for your specific Job

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